Get Wake Up, Brothers!

“Please give me five the youth, surely, I will change the world!” Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia, said this sentence. When he was young, he very cares to the nation problems. He tries to find the best way to oppose the colonialism. We must follow him in the spirit and his braveness for nation development.


Illegality in the poor people proper is the focus point for the university student. Demonstration to fight illegality is the spirit reflection from the youth, especially the student university, all at once as an attention toward in the law illegality.


Generally, the student university has three roles in the people live:

1. Social role

Social reality that occur in the people, actually concerned. Poverty, the quantity of student who no school, and the criminal level more and more increase for year to year. The university student should sensitive toward this problems that occur in our environment. Actually irony!!! If the university student sleep with the satisfied stomach and the comfortable blanket, while the poor people around him hungry because the the worse live. Don’t say “ I am the student” if you can not do this important role.

2. Political Role

Politicos can assume more brutal than the tiger pounce. It only happen for a moment, but the spoiled politicos pounce toward people importance happen for a long time, simultan, deeply until cause poverty. Actually, inharmonity in the government environment occur because of the bad attitude of politicos that indiscipline toward his responsibility. Corruption, collusion, nepotism, and greedy to get the wet chair (position) occur among the government, more and more make the bad image for Indonesia. Therefore, the university student must be active to handle political deviation in the government because this will build the bad effect for people importance.


3. Cultural Role

The meaning of this role includes academicals culture and morality culture. Both of this roles will complement student university existence as a people embassy when do social role and political role.


Academicals achievement should have been culture of university student. Social and political roles that have idealism will not strong without academicals achievement. Actually, it will can removes stupid ness and become the key to create quotient for all.


Knowledge is power but character is more. Knowledge or academicals achievement will not have the meaningful without good morality or the noble attitude. What is the meaning of the large knowledge if our attitude is narrow, full of egoism, and apathetic toward national problems? We should have the rice plan characteristic that grow higher, he bower. Higher the education quality, he more respect to the rules and ethic code to others. Do not say, “I can change the nation better” if you cannot change yourself better. So, do the best brothers! (epsdin)


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